Gent is a beautiful lady

As I write this the nearby church bell is tolling 8 in the morning of Sunday 13 June 2021, and we are about to head off with our friends Trigger and Julie who are coming with us on their boat Mimosa. Just to clarify, Trigger is called Trigger, not because he has a penchant for firearms, or that he has a particularly short temper, but because he bears a striking resemblance to Roger Lloyd-Pack‘s character, Trigger, in Only Fools and Horses.

Trigger and Trigger

Anyway, I digress, and still have a bit to do to check the boat is good to go, so just to say, Gent is a beautiful university city filled with historic buildings, well used waterways in the city centre, and a cafe claiming to serve the ‘best frites in the world’. Nicola tried them twice and had nothing to complain about!

Rather than prattle on about everything, I’ll follow the maxim that ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ and leave you with a few photos of our last few days.


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