New month, new views

The beginning of July sees us continuing our journey to Auxerre from Bruges, and finding ourselves moored for a couple of days in a beautiful small town of Profondeville on the River Meuse, still in Belgium but only 17km from the French border.

So far, since leaving our last winter base at Flandria Yachthaven in Bruges we have travelled 192 miles, in around 60hrs of actual cruising time – to save you doing the maths, that works out at about 3mph – slightly slower than walking pace. Just to explain though, the hours referred to are engine running hours, so include ‘hovering’ in the middle of the waterway waiting for locks and bridges to open, and also running time in the large locks, which can take 30 minutes to operate. It is often far safer to keep the engine running when sharing these giant locks with giant commercial barges.

Talking of locks, so far we have been through 51 locks, 31 lift bridges and one barge lift. Any guesses what the total will be when we have arrived in Auxerre in September?

Here are a few photos from our journey so far.

And finally, best wishes to Derek – a high seas mariner, good friend, and reader of this blog.

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