Don’t panic! River receding

After the last cliffhanger of a post, where the water levels were rising fast and we had lashed poles to the side of Anticus, I am pleased to report that the river is now receding. Not quite at is benign, non-threatening, tranquil best, but certainly not pushing huge tree trunks and other detritus past at 10mph (14kph). Unfortunately though we still cannot move as the VNF (French river authority) has placed a navigation ban on the whole of the Canal de la Meuse.

STOP PRESS: We have just been told by the local lock-keeper that navigation re-opens on Friday.

After the 10 days enforced lay-up in the beautiful Monthereme, we are now considering altering our planned route so that we don’t have to rush our journey to reach Auxerre. So the next couple of days will be spent cleaning the boat and route planning – more to follow.

Beautiful day in store as the mist rises from the river in Motherme

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