Toul tour

We have just been for a wander around Toul, before Nicola leaves for a brief sojourn back to the UK tomorrow. We have also spent a couple of hours booking Covid tests for her return (although double jabbed and negative test here in France), and being completely ripped off by a UK government approved test provider!

Anyway, that’s enough about that, I’m sure, dear reader, that you read this blog for nice photos, witty ditties, and tales from the riverbank, not woe ridden rants. That’s presuming, of course, that you aren’t in some way incapacitated and your nurse just happened to drop on this blog accidentally, plonked it in front of you as some way to keep you quiet, and now you have no way of escaping from this drivel !

So, to try and retain your interest a little longer, I shall presume to present you with a few photos from our stroll.

A birds-eye view of Anticus
Time for a clean. Boy, she needed it!
A help-yourself herb pot in the middle of Toul
Paella for all at the marina (Chef Jean trying to look nonchalant – and failing)

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