Charmes, Epinal and beyond

Those of you who are paying attention may remember that I left you on the proverbial cliff-edge last time, posing the question “is Charmes charming?” Not, I grant you, a cliff-hanger of the style, panache, or even thrill of Agatha Christie, but designed to get you back here this time. And, dear reader, your reward for revisiting is a bundle of photos (in no particular order) of our time in Charmes and our cruise to, and stay in, the beautiful city of Epinal.

Moored in the ‘see-and-be-seen’ spot in Epinal

The old and new parts of Epinal are separated by a branch of the Canal des Vosges and the mighty river Moselle. Beautiful, if sometimes ‘tatty-chic’ buildings occupied by stylish shops, patisserie, bars, bistros, boulangerie, and restaurants line the streets and make this city one f our favourites on our journey so far. If you get chance, do visit. We are thinking we will be back in the boat next August, so if our paths cross, do say hello.

So, the answer in my mind is; Charmes is definitely charming – bur Epinal is epic.


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