That’ll do

In the north of England, principally Yorkshire, but also Lancashire, that’ll do is a commonly head saying that means ‘that’s good’ or ‘that’s enough’ or many local variations on a similar theme. As we pull into our final mooring for the year, St Jean de Losne, we both uttered the words that’ll do.

2021 cruise – done

We still have another couple of weeks aboard Anticus which will include our visit to the Salon Fluvial in St Jean. Over the next couple of posts we will review the Salon and look back at the highlights of our summer, but for now to mark the end of our cruising, here are a few facts and figures of our journey:

Brugge – St Jean de Losne via: the Kanal Gent-Oostende, Gent, the river Leie, Dendremonde, the river Dendre Blaton Ath Canal, Strepy-Thieu Lift, Charleroi, Namur, River Meuse, Dinant, Montherme (for 2 weeks due to flooding), Sedan, Verdun, Toul, the River Rhin, canal des Vosges, Charmes, Epinal, the Petit Saône, Auxonne.

912 km / 567 miles

225 locks

200.2 engine hours

104 days

4 tunnels, 1 boat lift, and 35 swing/lift bridges.


4 thoughts on “That’ll do”

  1. Love the blogs. Look forward to more when you next continue your canal perambulations. In the meantime hope to meet in London when we are back October and November. Putting my boat to bed too and removing the barnacles. Delivering to Lyman Morse in Thomaston , Maine, early October, dodging Maine offshore lobster pots on the way South.

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  2. Loved your journey. Hope to follow some of your route when we come over next May.
    Just finished the Piper Event at Henley. Enjoy yours at St Jean.


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