2021 here we come

We are nearing the end of May, and still not onboard Anticus in Bruges. Covid is still rife as I write this (23 May), and countries are only just relaxing their barriers to travel, so much so we have been able to book a Channel tunnel journey for the 1 June. At the moment we are negotiating the mountain of paperwork needed to travel – this time, not so much to do with Covid, but very much to do with BREXIT (the gift that keeps giving).

Some of the paperwork to travel to the EU for the summer

I appreciate some of our American and Antipodean friends have had to do this for ever, but it does come as a bit of a shock after years of freedom of movement throughout the EU.

Anyway, what are our plans for the year? Firstly the boat will need fuelling and cleaning for the season after being neglected since September, and we will need a few days to accomplish this, restock the wine and food (and also I’m sure Nicola wants a visit to the chocolate museum). Longer term, we are heading into France having decided to change our winter moorings for 2021 – 2022. Auxerre is our destination for this summer, at the end of a leisurely cruise through northern France via Paris, a journey of around 450 miles (780km), taking about 4 months with plenty of stops and a few longer stays.

This year we are hoping to add a YouTube channel to this blog, with videos of our trip. Please let us know if there is anything you want to see or read about, whether it is technical, travel orientated or simply how we manage our lives on a 50ft Piper barge!

2 thoughts on “2021 here we come”

  1. Noticed you said a slow four months travel via Paris , how do you get around this max three months time limit for non-residents, question will this effect most sailings now with such a short time scale gone are the slow meranderings & will this long term effect barge sales

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    1. Hi Misha, thanks for getting in touch. We have a 6 month long-stay French visa, which will be our plan next year if everything stays the same. Cheers, Martyn & Nicola


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