It’s not called “catching’. it’s called “fishing”

Well, dear reader, here we are. Where? I hear you ask. Well, let me inform you – still the same place we were last time I updated you – Montherme.

Let me explain, because I’m sure you are just about to consult my last edition to check whether I said we were going to be moving on Wednesday last. Save your fingers – I did, and we didn’t. To cut a long story short, we were informed by our local lock-keeper that Wednesday was moving day, only to be informed by the lock-lockeeper’s lock-keeping boss that “Non monsieur! Pas de moving zee bateau” which is a rough translation of ‘no mate, your going nowhere tomorrow’. Ho hum, ce la vie. Apparently the flooded river washed down all sorts of detritus including trees and small building which have inconveniently come to rest in a number of lock along our route, so we are again (or still) stuck, probably till next Wednesday. Ho hum, ce la vie.

We are starting to feel like we are locals, regular order at the boulangerie, favourite seat in the bar, and free topping at the ice-cream kiosk!

We have also partaken of some tourist activities, mainly consisting of fishing. Oh and a ride on a 4 wheel cycle, which I am sure should be classified under the Geneva convention as a ‘cruel and unusual punishment’.

Me providing the power, Nicola the glamour and Alfie the navigation.
If I was catching dinner, we’d be VERY hungry!

And so it’s a case of sit back, relax, and wait for the river authorities to do their thing. Hopefully we will be moving soon (or else I’m going to have to find a hiding place for 2 dozen machines of torture)!

Only another 22 to hide !!

2 thoughts on “It’s not called “catching’. it’s called “fishing””

  1. Yup, who thinks these various multi-wheeled bikes are a good idea?? We actually rode a bike for six people:it was basically circular. I’m pretty certain you’d never find a Dutch person riding any of these . . .

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    1. You’re right Judith. Cost us €60, same as a couple of months gym membership – but at least I could have cancelled that half-way through 🙂


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